volunteering at luctonians

A Luctonians volunteer is an individual who freely chooses to commit time and energy to the furtherance of the Club, without expectation of payment. They bring a diversity of skills, experience and knowledge and carry out a wide range of roles, contributing to the success of the Club and is the foundation on which Luctonians is built.

Many of our activities and affiliated sports simply could not survive without the involvement of passionate and dedicated volunteers who bring together a vast range of knowledge, skills and experience for the good of Luctonians. Therefore we want to continue to attract and involve a diverse range of individuals, we recognise that volunteers are vital in upholding the core values of Luctonians and we place great importance on the contribution that they make to all areas of our sports club.

We understand that people have different motivations for volunteering and we hope to offer the opportunity for individuals to develop personally and professionally by creating a wide variety of innovative and rewarding volunteering opportunities. Our aim has been to become a nationally recognised sports club and we know that our volunteers have played a crucial role in helping the Club to achieve this.

This Volunteer Pathway at Luctonians is underpinned by the following principles:

Luctonians Sports Club

  • Believes that being a volunteer at Luctonians should always be a fun and rewarding experience.
  • Recognises that volunteers are giving freely of their time and that they deserve high-quality support, training and management to ensure that they have a positive volunteering experience.
  • Values difference and strives to create a diverse and inclusive volunteer base.
  • Believes that volunteering within our organisation should be a beneficial experience for the volunteer and the Club.
  • Aims to ensure that the full-time team and volunteers across the Club work positively with other volunteers and staff and where appropriate, actively seek to involve them in their work.
  • Recognises that volunteers are an important part of Luctonians, bringing a unique perspective to our Club that should complement and enrich the work done by the full-time team.
  • Acknowledges that volunteers want to participate in satisfying roles where they may develop personally and professionally depending on their motivations for volunteering.
  • Values the distinct contribution that volunteers can make to the Club and where possible will not use volunteers to replace the full-time team.

Luctonians Volunteers Committee has three key principles they will actively work towards.

Recruitment, Retention, Recognition.


Luctonians Volunteers Committee is dedicated to continuing to drive and support the volunteers currently serving the club. One area that requires additional support is recruitment, which encompasses all sections of the club. Our goal is to further expand our extensive volunteer base.


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One of our main objectives is to ensure that potential volunteers understand the requirements for their roles. We all recognise that Luctonians is a special place, largely due to the hundreds of people who volunteer.

The committee will implement various initiatives to boost volunteer recruitment across all sections of the club. We will utilise existing club channels to promote and advertise roles, and take a hands-on approach to finding new volunteers. Social events and sports offerings will be used to encourage new volunteers, with just one hour a week being the starting point for success.

The importance of asking.

Who should Luctonians ask?  Everyone!                     Who should be doing the asking?  Everyone!


Once a volunteer has been recruited the work does not stop there. Volunteers should feel welcome, valued, part of the team, needed and useful.

The 1, 2, 3 of retention for Luctonians volunteers lies in Induction, Support and Recognition.

Does the Volunteer need a handover? Do they require training? Do they have a contact, should they have any questions?Does this role require a mentor?

Does the Volunteer have a support system? Do they gain access to relevant training and development?

Volunteers are truly special people at Luctonians,  so we must continually value their involvement and

Luctonians Volunteers Committee have developed an action plan, and will use this to guide and fulfil the avove commitments.


People volunteer for a variety of reasons. To motivate our volunteers and keep them active, we must address the following questions:

  1. Does Luctonians recognise and reward the volunteers of our Club?
  2. Is Luctonians providing and allocating the appropriate resources to the volunteers?
  3. Does Luctonians respect our volunteers’ needs and wishes?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘No’, then what can Luctonians do to improve this?

The Luctonians Volunteers Committee will work alongside the volunteers to ensure that they feel listened to. Volunteers step away from volunteering for various reasons, and the committee’s role is to maintain a relationship with the volunteers so that succession planning, and recruitment can be done when they wish to step away. This not only protects the club but also the volunteers.

Communication is vital.


Starting during National Volunteers Week (3-9th June 2024) we will be posting information on the new Volunteers Committee and Volunteer Roles available on our Facebook Page and other social media platforms. When they are to be announced, we will show these on this website. To view them or to contact us, just click below.