Luctonians RMS Colts
North Midlands League & Cup Champions

North Midlands Colts Cup Final
Saturday 30th April 2022

Luctonians RFC Colts  15 v 13  Ledbury RFC Colts

Match Report by Lead Coach, Kieram Hallam

Luctonians kicked off and started the game fast, strong carries and clean ball at the break down led to an early shot at goal that was just slightly off target. The game settled down and Ledbury looked dangerous, looking to keep the ball in play at every opportunity catching the Lucs players out. When Lucs worked out the attack plan from Ledbury, the pack started bashing their way forward and some hard lines by the backs created an opportunity for Will Priday who found a hole and barged his way over for the first score of the final.

Ledbury responded with a quick couple of taps and their 9, Iolo Bubb, sniped his way over after a third penalty was taken quickly near the Lucs try line. Gethin Davies replied with a long range effort penalty after Ledbury infringed at the breakdown after some great pressure from Arthur Rider & Charlie Price.

After some adventurous play from the Lucs’ backs that continued to see them run from deep, the boys from Mortimer Park struggled to find any space in the width and decided to challenge Ledbury up the middle. Ledbury took this challenge head on and heroically knocked each charge back. With this determined defence Ledbury earned them selves a penalty which they kicked and tied the game just before the break.

Half Time Score
Luctonians RFC Colts  8 v 8  Ledbury RFC Colts

The second half started  again strongly for Lucs and they earned a penalty close to the line. With the catch and drive proving successful, the scene was set for another attack on the Ledbury line, but out of nowhere the ball was tapped and they hit up under the Ledbury posts, catching both teams by surprise Ledbury reacted sharply and won a penalty at the resulting breakdown to clear their lines once again.

Lucs hit back and started playing to their usual structure in attack, seeing forwards tipping the ball on into space which caused Ledbury issues. The attack stretched Ledbury and, after another half break, the ball was recycled and moved wide into space for Matt Price to go over in the corner. Gethin Davies hit a fantastic kick to add the extra 2 and take Lucs 7 points clear.

Time was running out and Ledbury were playing like a team who knew this. Some great offloads put Jake Ashley away, he stood the last defender up and went for the corner, the defence worked hard and the dive for the line was, after lengthy consultation with the AR, judged to be successful. With a kick into the wind from the touch line Ben Deards came in inches of adding the extra two. (15-13 to Lucs)

With only minutes remaining Lucs kicked deep and pressured Ledbury to clear. The resulting catch and drive was strong from Lucs, but Ledbury again turned the ball over and had one last chance, they attacked from deep and went for a chip and chase; the ball clipped the line, the whistle went and Lucs retained the cup.

Full Time Score
Luctonians RFC Colts  15 v 13  Ledbury RFC Colts

The win sees Luctonians taking the trophy back to Mortimer Park for the third time in a row.

Ledbury were the toughest of challenges and will hold their heads high winning The Division Two Colts league and making the Cup final, but the spoils go to Lucs with a League and Cup double to finish off a strong season

Great work boys – Kieram, Joff, Carmen and the whole of Lucs are proud of your efforts this year.

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