First Aiders are required to report an injury, if it is included below in the Reportable Injuries section below.

Reportable Injury Events

These are defined as:

An injury which results in the player being admitted to a hospital and staying in overnight (this does not include those that attend an accident and emergency department and are allowed home from there).

Deaths which occur during a game or within six hours of a game finishing.

Reportable Injury Event Protocol
In the event of a serious injury that fulfils the above criteria, the following protocol is to be followed:

Provide immediate first aid and arrange transport by ambulance to the hospital

A club First Aider must take the time to click on the following link, and complete the form in as much detail as possible to ensure that the Club is informed and we can update our records. It is essential that all Required Fields are fully completed and that this form is then passed on to Head of First Aid, Gary House –

Please report injuries, whether sport related or not.