The game of pétanque is a French institution and right up there with the most popular French pastimes.

The rules of Pétanque are based on a form of boules. The player throws steel balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called the cochonnet in an attempt to knock the opponents’ boules out of the way. The most talented manage to do this by mimicking the previous opponent’s gesture exactly, trying to replicate the trajectory of the ball, a move known as faire un carreau.

The game is usually played on hard sand or gravel. However it can also be played on grass. Over a short distance, the game is called pétanque. In this version the thrower’s feet are kept together within a starting circle. Over a distance of more than ten metres, the game is called la longue, a typically Provençal variation.

Played on any surface available (although usually a rugby pitch), over any distance whatsoever and around any obstacles, that may from time to time materialise, the game is called le lucs, a typically Luctonian variation.

While games throwing balls at a target are as old as mankind, the current form of pétanque is thought to have been developed around 1910. The name is derived from the term pieds tanqués, which in old southern dialect means “anchored feet”. Referring to the rule in the game that one’s feet must remain fixed together within the small circle. The ‘le lucs’ form of pétanque was developed in 2017.


In April 2017 Pétanque arrived at Mortimer Park

Founded by Luctonians Sports Club Chairman, Sam Le Gros and Vice Chairman Dickie Leroux, the society leans heavily towards the social aspects of the game, although the competitive spirit runs high, if somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

Black or red team headwear is provided. Although members may wish to provide their own, together with any other appropriate attire.Our membership includes men and women of all ages, from all sports within the club, including players from the senior rugby squads, from ladies rugby, rounders and cycling, and other club members. 

During the 2020 season, when permitted by the COVID regulations, we did our best to carry on

The 2021 season started on Thursday 22th April and will continue each Thursday at 7pm until we’ve had enough – generally when the light starts to fade.

For all details on how to join us, simply contact le secrétaire de la société
Graham ‘Le Faucon’ Rutherford

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Or check us out by just turning up at 7pm on Thursday when the new season starts

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