This run of 6 Luctonians Lockdown Lotto
Bonus Ball Draws has now ended
We will announce if there is to be another



Draw on 25th July 2020




Draw on 18th July 2020





Draw on 11th July 2020





Draw on 4th July 2020




Draw on 27th June 2020





Draw on 20th June 2020






Luctonians Lottery Bonus Ball Game

You must Book and Pay For Your Ball before the draw on 20th June

(Sat 20th June – Sat 25th July)

Join in, Support your Club, and win a cash prize of up to £137.75 pw

Simple to play

♦ Buy a bonus ball for £5 a week for a 6 week game – your stake is £30

♦ Sit back and wait for the National Lottery on Saturday nights for the 6 weeks (20th of June – 25th July Inclusive)

♦ If your ball is the bonus ball for that week then you win 45% of that weeks total stake (number of bonus balls sold). If all balls sold this could be £137.75.

♦ Remainder of the money (including unsold balls) goes to the Club

How to take part

♦ Email Club Office ( with Bonus Ball in subject line

♦ If you have a preference in the number of your bonus ball please state. If no number is given or if the number requested is already allocated you will be given a random number.

♦ You will receive confirmation of your ball number and an invoice for £30 to pay via the Clubs PayPal account.

♦ Sit back and wait for the results (Game Saturdays National Lottery 20th June to 25th July)


♦ Luctonians Lottery Bonus Ball game will take place in accordance with the UK National Lottery Bonus Ball which is drawn on the National Lottery on Saturdays 20th June, 27th June 4th July, 11th July,  18th July,  25th July.

♦ A Bonus ball for the game is purchase for a minimum of £5 per weeks for the 6 week game. Minimum stake is £30.

♦ All monies must be paid to the Luctonians PayPal account in advance of the commencement of the first game on Saturday 20th June.

♦ Winnings will be 45% of the total number of Bonus balls sold for that weeks game. 5% of your stake will be used to cover the PayPal administration and other charges. Luctonians Sports Club will receive 50% of the your stake.

♦ Winnings will be paid from Luctonians PayPal account to your PayPal account in the week after the draw.

♦ In the case of a Bonus ball not being sold when the came commences, if a no sold ball is drawn then all monies – the 5% administrations fees will go to Luctonians Sports Club.

♦ 59 Bonus balls numbered 1-59 will be up for sale.

Illustration of Benefits per week

If 59 bonus balls are sold that is a total of £295 staked.

Winnings to Bonus ball number is 45% – £132.75

Administration Cost are 5% – 14.75

Luctonians Sports Club receives 50% – 147.50

Maximum possible benefit to Luctonians Sports Club over 6 weeks of the game £885.