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Head of First Aid - Gary House

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CONCUSSION – React, Recognise & Remove

It happens in our sport and, when it does, we must deal with it immediately and effectively. Luctonians First Aiders, constantly observing play, will firstly React to possible head injury situations and then Recognise if that injury may be concussive. In Training below, is the link to the RFU ‘Headcase’ Policy on Concussion and The Clubs is in line with that although, in Mini Rugby we have extended the return to play period from 23 to 28 days:

When the First Aider identifies signs of concussion, then that player will immediately be removed from the field of play and Emergency Medical Assistance considered. In all serious cases, for example, loss of consciousness, the player should be removed to A&E. In all other cases, the player/parent will be given a Head Injury Advice card and referred to their GP. That player will not then be able to train or play for 14 symptom free days thereafter. They may then return to graduated training for the following 9 days and return to graduated training after that but only if symptom free. The earliest return to play from the date of the injury, again if symptom free, will be 23 days.


Our fully qualified Rugby First Aiders monitor play from the touch line and immediately react to any suspected injury on the pitch. As they are expected to tend to injured players who have been removed from the field of play, the preference is that they are not coaches.

If you wish to join our dedicated team of volunteer First Aiders, please email Gary House with your full name, date of birth, age group and your association with it, eg parent/carer, manager, coach.

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