Coach Development

In order to continue being the premier provider of junior rugby in the area, we must continue to invest in developing and improving our coaching across all of our teams. At Luctonians, our focus is all about the child’s development and experience, so it is vital that our coaches continue to take advantage of the various progressions we offer.

Graham Tate is our Coach Mentor at Luctonians, and provides one to one support, analysis and feedback every Sunday throughout the season. From videoing training sessions in order to review, to being a sounding board for new ideas, Graham is very experienced in this area and provides this entirely free service to all coaches across the Mini and Junior teams at the club.

Alongside the week to week support we offer our coaches, there are also the ongoing RFU Qualifications that must be undertaken by coaches at varying stages of their development. We as a club fund all of our coaches to undertake their specific qualifications, providing they continue to coach at Luctonians.