Caleb Roberts Insurance have been operating in the local community for over 75 years.  We have developed from a single office in Knighton to seven offices across Wales and the Bordering Counties.  Our business specialises in agricultural and commercial insurances, whilst being able to provide insurance solutions across our private division too.

Our Company maintains the same belief it was founded on all those years ago; to provide a personal and professional service to the rural community.  The continuation of this mission has led to a strong reputation in the local areas.

Over the years, sports clubs have played a valuable role in our business.  We are fortunate to be involved with a large number of local clubs and the relationship building through these plays a huge part in developing our Company – Luctonians is no exception.  We have colleagues who play for the club, some are parents of children who are involved with the club and a whole host of weekly supporters.  You will find a number of the Caleb Roberts Insurance team here on match days, so please do come across and say hello.

At a business level, we provide annual on-site visits to our clients to make sure all parties are clear on the risks and cover in place.  We will visit the majority of claims to help with the handling process, including completing any necessary paperwork.  As a Broker, we are able to survey the market on your behalf to ensure you are paying a fair premium and receiving the cover levels you require.

It’s an honour to be involved with Luctonians and we look forward to meeting you here very soon.